Artistic Talents

What is Glass Blowing?

this picture shows glass blowing

Glass blowing is a form of art that started during the ancient times. In glass blowing, delicate yet functional items are produced. People who are in this profession are called glassblowers; and they have also mastered different skills and talents such as working with blowing fused glass, cane, sculpturing glasses, frits, and powders.

If you choose this career or kind of profession, you must know how to take every step with a precaution and awareness as this involves heat. Aside from the high temperature, other ingredients and materials are also used in this process such as sodium carbonate or soda in layman’s term, cobalt oxide, etc.

To make an item through the process of glass blowing, the molten glass is gathered on the end of a long pipe that is usually made of metal as well as blowing air on the other end – and an air bubble will be formed at the center part of the molten glass, producing a vessel.

Work Environment of Glass Blowers

Glassblowers or also known as glass smiths and gaffers are artistic people who create handmade products out of molten glass. The day of glassblowers usually starts with mixing the ingredients all together in metal and heavy cauldron. All ingredients are heated at the highest temperature possible in a furnace or kiln. After the product has been fully made, the piece needs to be cooled down to prevent from getting broken.

this picture shows a glass blower flame

Educational Requirements for Glass Blowers

Honestly speaking, becoming a glassblower is difficult as this will require you to have a piece of very precise and specialized knowledge about it – and only a few universities, as well as trade schools, offer certificates for this kind of profession.

However, many glassblowers learned the skill and talent on their own – through their experience to be exact. To become a certified and professional glassblower, you have to apply or enroll for apprenticeship and usually, you will assist the master glass blower first and perform basic duties and responsibilities. From there, you will also learn other techniques done by the master glassblower so make sure to focus and keep everything in your mind.