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Why You Should Consider Being A Filmmaker

Filmmakers are not like photographers nor directors, who are responsible for everything in the production. The main job of a filmmaker is to provide new and fresh ideas, write scripts, look for filming locations, direct a certain piece, and raise money.

this image shows  a camera recordng why you should consider being a filmmaker

As a filmmaker, you should expect, in the first place, that there are many times of struggle and stress because you have to meet certain deadlines but at the end of the day, the stress you’ve undergone throughout the day can’t compare to the fulfillment and joy you will feel for a successful production. To become a filmmaker means you will not have a fixed schedule, you are always on-the-go and on-call, you will encounter rough days and nights, etc.

Though filmmaking is not an easy-peasy job, a person who has a passion for this craft and willing to undergo struggles, and appreciates every fulfillment, being a filmmaker is the best choice. In the filmmaking industry, you will meet new friends, new colleagues, celebrities, improve your social skills, build teamwork, and more.

What are the key skills of filmmakers?

Of course, there are required skills to become an efficient filmmaker, here are the following:

  • Attention to detail
  • Leadership skills
  • Creativity
  • Organizational skills
  • Technological skills
  • Must know how to use editing tools & software
  • Knowledge about handling & operating a camera
this picture shows a camera recording why you should consider being a filmmaker

How to Become A Filmmaker

Truthfully, becoming a filmmaker doesn’t have any formal requirements. However, of course, you have to accumulate a bachelor’s degree in television and film production. Here are the following steps to become a filmmaker:

Accumulate a Bachelor’s Degree

There’s a big difference between earning a bachelor’s degree and not. You can learn a lot of things, especially the basic of filmmaking as well as honing your skills to become a master, expert or professional in filmmaking.

Make Your Own Short Film

This is your chance to create your portfolio and every aspiring filmmaker has an opportunity to do it. Make sure to give all your best. In this step, you will also learn how to come up with a good and efficient script, manage the allotted budget, lead your crew and staffs, secure locations, etc. Your film can be submitted to different festivals to start an exposure.

Gain Experience

Gaining experience and learning are both an endless process and you should be patient enough if you want to become a well-known filmmaker. Always learn from everything that you do and improve yourself every step of your way.